• Fictional prehistory as told in book one, “The Hammer of Greatness”: Thordís Thorsgyðja mates with Thor the Thunder-god during the Age of the Great Stone Temples (the Megalith Stone Age in southern Scandinavia). The Hammer of Power (The Women´s Hammer) and the Hammer of Greatness (The Men´s Hammer) are forged and given over to: Thrúð Thorsgyðja and Magni Thorsgóði, their children, who become the legendary progenitors of the Thorsgóðar, a clan of Thunder priests who ruled the lands that came to be known as Gautland (Götaland in southeast-Sweden). The Thunder priests no longer ruled after the Gautar (Geats) claimed the land, but continued to operate as a very powerful clan carrying on a mystical spiritual legacy called “The Red Gold of Thunder.” Megalitt Götaland Megalitt VestfoldMegalitt Gotland
  • Legendary (semi-historical) prehistory: The Ynglingar ruled over the tribe of Svear in “Svíthióð” from their seat at the sanctuary of Uppsala since the age of the Aesir, descended from Freyr and Gerð. The Ynglinga saga counts thirty generations of kings since Freyr until Halfdanr Svarti (the Black), who was born around 810 A.D.
  • Old Uppsala mounds Uppsala mounds3 
  • Semi-Historical and Legendary: During the 7th century Ynglinga lineage under Ingjald inn illráði (Bad Ruler) attempts to take over all the other tribal lands in greater Sweden but are eventually overthrown by the prince of Scania and descendant of the legendary Skioldunga/Scylfing lineage; Ivarr Víðfamni (Rules Widely), who becomes the King of Svíthiód, Götaland, Scania, Gotland and Denmark. Ynglingar continues their dynasty in Norway, where kings of each generation attempt to take control over all the tribal lands, winning some and losing some. They stand strongest in Vestfold.

europe 750 ad

Map borrowed from: http://www.timemaps.com/history/europe-750ad

  • 690 (?): Auð the Deep-Minded is born as the only child of Ivarr Rules Widely. As a woman, she becomes the end of the Skioldunga cycle, but commences two new royal dynasties, the Swedish and the Danish.
  • Ca 715 (?): Auð the Deep-Minded is married to Hrærekr/Rurik the Ring-Slinger, gives birth to Harald Wartooth.
  • Fiction: Bera is taken by the Vikings led by the Sea King Arn. Bera becomes Sheath of the Hall to the Sea King and his men. Gives birth to Arnsteinn the Sea-King´s Son, with whom she later founds Aldeigjuborg. (Book Two: My Enemy´s Head)
  • Ca 730 (?): Auð the Deep-Minded divorces Rurik and travels with her son to find Ráðbarð, the “King of Garðaríki”, (a Viking Sea-King who dwells in the east) who fathers Randvér (or in another source, Sígurð Ring himself) on Auð (Sígurð Ring is thus either the grandson (via Randvér) or the son of Ráðbarð. With his Rus Viking fleet, the couple attacks Rurik and installs Harald Wartooth as king over Denmark and all the Swedish lands.
  • Fiction: Thorbjörn Thorsgóði is born ca 730 in West Götaland
  • Fiction: Ca 745 : Týra is abducted by Arnsteinn from Burgundarholm (Bornholm)
  • Fiction: Ca 748 : Arnulf is born to Týra and Arnsteinn.
  • 750 (?): Battle of Brávellir Lorenz_Frölich_-_Harald_Wartooth
  • Harald Wartooth dies.
  • Sígurð Ring becomes king of Denmark, Scania and West- Götaland.
  • Rurik, Harald Wartooth´s son becomes king of Uppsala/Svíthiód and East-Götaland. Gaut rebellions.
  • 752 (Historical): Aldeigjuborg, the first permanent Viking settlement in Garðaríki by lake Aldeigja (Ladoga) was founded.

 Aldeigjuborg Volkhov river Volkhov River Viking Mounds Starya Ladoga (Aldeigjuborg)

  • 760s (Historical): Norwegian lawless, exciled pirates (Vikings) lay claim to the Pictish islands of Shetland (“Hjaltland”) and Orkney
  • 762 (Historical): Baghdad is capital of the Islamic Caliphate of the Abbasides.
  • 763 (?): Thórolfr Ruriksson Váganef (Wavy Nose) is king of Uppsala/Svíthiód and East-Götaland
  • 765 (Fictional): Thorbjörn must flee from Götaland after the massacre of his clan and the theft of the Women´s Hammer. (Book One: The Hammer of Greatness)
  • 775 (Historical): Widukind meets with Sígurð Ring in Denmark
  • 775 (Fictional): Thorbjörn Thorsgóði meets the Healer in Latvia and marries her (Book One: “The Hammer of Greatness“)

 Map of Geats and Svear Map

  • 780 (Historical): Irene becomes Empress Dowager Regent in Constantinople
  • 780 (Fiction): Thorolf Thorbjörsson is born in Latvia in 780.
  • (Fiction): Aziza is brought from a brothel in Baghdad to Aldeigjuborg.
  • 782 (Historical): Al-Mahdi begins his Zindiq inquisition in the Caliphate (against Moslem Heresy).
  • 782 (Fiction): Ivarr Hallgrimsson is born to Guðrún Arnsteinssdaughter, who dies in 783.
  • (Fiction): Shumayl, being a Sufi heretic, must flee from the inquisition in Baghdad to Khazaria, but is enslaved by Khazars and sold to Arnulf. (Book Two: My Enemy´s Head)
  • 785 (Historical): After massive Saxon losses, Widukind is baptized.
  • 785 (?): Harald Klak is born
  • 785 (Fiction): Thórolf Thorbjörnsson dies

Charlemagne Harum al-Rashid Irene of Byzantium 

  • 790s (Historical): Vikings (possibly from Shetland and Orkney) scouted the Scottish coast
  • 790 (Fictional): The Vikings Raid the Village in Latvia, Thorbjörn and the Healer die, Zivah and Thordís taken to the town of Aldeigjuborg in Rusiyah/Garðaríki through the realms of the Khazars, the route of Lake Ilmen and the Volkhov river (Book One: The Hammer of Greatness).
  • 790-792 (Fictional): Zivah and Thordís live at Arnulf´s court in Aldeigjuborg (Book Two: My Enemy´s Head and Book Three: The Hel Rune´s Claim)
  • 791: Charlemagne wages war against the Avars
  • 792 (Fictional): Tschude war. Zivah, Ivarr and Thióðolf leave for Denmark with Arnulf´s men while Thordís is about to become the Vessel. The Viking Age is about to begin… (Book Three: The Hel Rune´s Claim)

Book Four: “A Twisted Mirror”, is not yet published (and there are more to come – up to the Oseberg burial in 834!) Here is a further world history timeline without spoilers from the series….

david-lomax-replica-viking-ships-oseberg-and-gaia-near-ulstenvik-norway-scandinavia-europe david-lomax-replica-viking-ships-oseberg-west-norway-norway-scandinavia-europe osebergrekonstruksjon2

  • 797 (Historical): Norwegia Vikings in Ireland. Wikipedia: Empress Irene organizes a conspiracy against her son Constantine VI. He is captured and blinded, Irene exiled him to Principo, where he dies shortly after of his wounds. Irene begins a 5-year reign and calls herself basileus (“emperor”) of the Byzantine Empire. King Charlemagne issues the Capitulare Saxonicum making Westphalian, Angrian and Eastphalian Saxons equal to other peoples in the Frankish Kingdom. The Nordalbian Saxons revolt; a Frankish fleet is send to the North Sea coast of Germany. It lands in Hadeln, a marshy coastal region between the Weser and Elbe estuaries near modern-day Cuxhaven. Charlemagne invades northern Saxony and again accepts the submission of the Saxons.
  • 799: Sigurd Ring dies. He is succeeded by Guðröðr (Godfred of Denmark) who rules until 810. 
  • 799: First Viking Attacks on Francia (the monastery of Noirmoutier)
  • 810 (History/Legend): Halfdan Svarti (the Black) is born to Ása Haraldsdaughter and Guðröðr veidikonungr (Hunter King), who is murdered by her “shoe-boy”. Ása returns to Agder as ruling queen in her baby son´s stead.
  • 811 (Historical): Norwegian Vikings in Ireland 
  • 812 (Historical): Norwegia Vikings in Ireland. Harald Klak and Reginfred are made joint kings of Denmark
  • 813 (Historical): 
  • 814 (Historical): Harald Klak of Denmark is dethroned temporarily. Hárekr the Elder is king of parts of Denmark until 854 with the exceptions of 819-826 when Harald Klak rules again.
  • 830 (Historical): Danish Vikings compete with Norwegian Vikings on harrassing Ireland. Christian missionary Ansgar visits Birka, trade city of the Swedes.
  • 831 (Historical): Saint Ansgar founds the first church in Sweden, at Birka.
  • 832 (Historical): Clondalkin, Ireland is sacked by Vikings.
  • 834 (Historical): The Ship Burial at Oseberg in Vestfold, Norway.
  • 830s onwards: Vikings begin to harrass England and Francia

Oseberg s


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