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Excellent visuals on paper!!

Based around the time period of 790 AD in the heartlands of what was Russia during the time of the Rus, I found reading thus far compelling with the author’s use of colourful expletives around the F word inside a world filled with enforced sex, eroticism, slavers, concubines, warriors around the lifetime of the Oseberg Priestess. What a journey into the imagination of those times!!!

Amazing Storyline!!!

“This book is so well written! A great balance between historical facts and insightful fiction. The author Maria takes character development to the next level allowing the reader to see through the characters eyes. Reading this series so far, I have cried and laughed out loud. You will not be able to put this book down!”

A Shield Maiden’s Story of the Viking Rus –unforgettable

“Maria Kvilhaug both entertains and educates readers with addictive narrative backed by thorough historical research. Her character development shows deep insight into the human mind and heart both in the present and in the mysterious world of the Ninth Century Vikings, including the feared and even more mysterious Rus who had a considerable ultimate influence on Russia, the Baltic, and the Balkans. She does not hesitate to address the social issues of that period–men and women; master, slave, and free; and sexual mores, and tensions. The influence of Norse religion pervades the narrative and its characters.“

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

This is one the most satisfying works of historical fiction that I have read in a very long time – and I read a lot of historical fiction. It has exceptional historical accuracy. 

Published 4 months ago by Patrick F.

Very well written. Maria Kvilhaug is well versed in knowledge of Norse religion and customs. (See her videos on youtube and her non-fiction book “Seeds of Yggdrasil”)… 

Published 6 months ago by Guy’s Review

I am normally afraid of self published authors, but took a shot on this. So glad i did. Simply a fantastic book. I am happy I ordered book two of the series at the same time. 

Published 9 months ago by Chris J. Morsey

Underpinned by the author’s life-long historical & spiritual interest, and academic studies, this book offers an entertaining insight into the mindset of the early Viking age.