Book 2: My Enemy´s Head

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My Enemy´s Head by Maria Kvilhaug

“Where I come from, young maidens are given flowers, not heads,” Sir Gottfred said. “What do they do with flowers, then, Heri?” I asked curiously. “What they DO with them? What do YOU do with HEADS????”

It the year 790 A.D. Thordís and Zivh have reached the pirate slavers´ town of Aldeigjuborg (Staraya Ladoga, Russia) and must make a life for themselves in the terrifying world of the Viking Rus…

(My Enemy´s Head is the second book in the BLADE HONER series about the life of the Oseberg pristess (783-834 A.D.) and a direct sequel to the first book, The Hammer of Greatness.)

    • Series: BLADE HONER
    • Paperback: 352 pages
    • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (September 10, 2014)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1502333287
    • ISBN-13: 978-1502333285




Most Helpful Customer Reviews (Amazon in the USA)


This book is so much more than a novel. It is a beautiful restitution made to the Norse civilisation from many stereotypes, disinformation and misinterpretations that were disseminated about them throughout history which now occupies popular imagination. Maria’s fictional reconstitution is clearly built on an exhaustive knowledge on the matter within many avenues: historical, archaeological, anthropological, mythological, spiritual and hey, the great mysteries; which brings her story to an impressive level of realism. She reintroduces the spiritual dimension bringing forth the deep relation these people had with the forces of life and death that rule our world in support to the extremely challenging times they were living in. The characters are larger than life just as we suspect the Oseberg priestess and her people must have been. I have been moved, captivated and brought beyond the usual spectrum of reality. More, I have found in this novel a well of priceless teachings. I absolutely recommend it.
Excellent read as with the first novel. Maria Kvilhaug’s grasp of Viking times and culture shine through vividly as she opens these harsh times and the cultures they have spawned and the lives of those who populated the region of the time. Her characters leap across time and from the page to animate and excite your imagination. A skill few writes possess these days abd times. She really make viking times, cultures and people come exciting life. Great read.

By Ariel on January 3, 2015

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This book is so well written! A great balance between historical facts and insightful fiction. The author Maria takes character development to the next level allowing the reader to see through the characters eyes. Reading this series so far, I have cried and laughed out loud. You will not be able to put this book down!


Maria Kvilhaug both entertains and educates readers with addictive narrative backed by thorough historical research. Her character development shows deep insight into the human mind and heart both in the present and in the mysterious world of the Ninth Century Vikings, including the feared and even more mysterious Rus who had a considerable ultimate influence on Russia, the Baltic, and the Balkans. She does not hesitate to address the social issues of that period–men and women; master, slave, and free; and sexual mores, and tensions. Some of this unavoidably frank and meant for mature readers.The influence of Norse religion pervades the narrative and its characters. Few authors can match Kvilhaug in her knowledge of Norse religion and its pantheon of pagan deities. Her knowledge also extends to their pagan practices. Besides her native Norwegian, English, and several other Eurpean languages, she has developed thorough knowledge of Icelandic an Old Norse. She is a gifted scholar and researcher with astonishing intellectual energy. Most important, like the Viking skalds of old, she can tell an unforgettable story. Readers are not likely to forget this story or Maria Kvilhaug.
Most Helpful Customer Reviews (In the U.K.)
Maria Kvilhaug latest submission in the Blade Honer series, ” My Enemies Head” took me by surprise because it is so very different from her previous works. Admittedly Maria’s second book in the series but the title drew me to it for many especial reasons to read this submission first. Based around the time period of 790 AD in the heartlands of what was Russia during the time of the Rus, I found reading thus far compelling with the author’s use of colourful expletives around the F word inside a world filled with enforced sex, eroticism, slavers, concubines, warriors around the lifetime of the Oseberg Priestess. What a journey into the imagination of those times!!! Excellent visuals on paper. I look forward very much to more works from the author on a similiar genre. Outstanding and this has the potential in my opinion to become a movie or Hollywood Series! If you are a heathen and a warrior at heart you will both enjoy and love this book.

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