Book 3: The Hel Rune´s Claim

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The Hel Rune´s Claim by Maria Kvilhaug

It was a great story, and I was almost swayed by it. I could be a Viking queen, if I wanted it. I felt the hands that held the spindle of my fate. The hands hesitated. 

Everything is possible.

  • Series: Blade Honer (3)
  • Paperback: 368 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (June 10, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 150324184X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1503241848

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This is book three of the Blade Honer series, a pulse-pounding modern day interpretation of literary and historical life among the vikings.

The saga continues and draws you further in weaving it’s magic around you, thread upon thread, layer upon layer, story upon story as the well loved characters develop and grow and intertwine more and more. Mostly through valour and heroic exploits we see the hero’s personality realized. The synthesis of Viking ideals on the one hand and of codes of courtly chivalry on the other. Justice, as much as courage, a primary virtue. The book shows that Vikings were not just the fierce raiders of stereotype, though they did descend on lands with terrifying raids from longships that could sail a considerable distance upriver, but that they were also traders who traveled the world, parled with neighbouring peoples and were pivotal in the establishment of what we now know as Russia. This book goes deeper into the customs and culture of the Rus giving us an insight as to the traditions and intricacies of this ancient people.

It is a story of great complexity and richness, with a host of brilliantly executed character portrayals and a profound understanding of human strengths and weaknesses. Its structure is highly complex, but at its core is a girl who devotes her life to a struggle against the destructive forces of society. Well-researched and fast-moving, the story features violent action, a unique love-story, odd twists, cool humour, poems and more.Read more ›

Incredible window into what could have been! Can’t wait for the next series of books from this author!!!
Hel Rune’s Claim by Norse historian Maria Kvilhaug is a glorious novel leaving the reader wanting nothing except for continuing the tale. This third volume in the Blade Honer series is such a riveting read you just cannot put it down. I like to read books inside out; that is, end first, then the beginning and then the middle. If the story is well written, there will be no spoilers. All is good! In a sense all historical novels tell the end first. You know what happens to some, or maybe even all of the characters in the story. It is the telling of the back story that takes real skill and Kvilhaug does not disappoint. This novel recreates the lives of the Oseberg priestesses ( found in a Viking burial ship on Oseberg farm near Tønsberg in Vestfold county, Norway. In order to make this book sing to life as Kvilhaug does, one would need to be well versed in old Norse history, traditions, customs, culture, art and life style. Also, to convincingly carry the theme of Seiðr shamans, as these priestesses are thought to be, the author must be well versed in this tradition, and even somewhat experiential in this practice. So far this is my favorite of the three novelizations of the Oseberg priestessess; which include Blade Honer, book One, My Enemy’s Head book two, and Hel Rune’s Claim book three.

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