Book 4: “A Twisted mirror” is out!

a_twisted_mirror_cover_for_kindle Publication date: February 1, 2017. ISBN/EAN13: 1517156009 / 9781517156008

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Another great book in this fantastic series.
Format: Paperback
Maria Kvilhaug is a master storyteller. I’ve binge read all four books so far in this series, loving the characters and admiring the way Maria makes history so interesting and relevant. She doesn’t sugar coat or angle sympathies one way or the other. Characters are complex, situated in a clear historical context, and deeply engaged in everyday spirituality. I can’t wait for the next book!
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I love this series. I feel like I am transported back in time . the culture is so rich and the characters so believable that I feel like I have a window into the past.

Nobody knew where Hallgrim had gone to seek the maiden, though most of them believed that he had gone to the Elfin Mounds. But the Seid-man had gone to Bera´s grove instead, sensing that this might just be the place. He readied a spot for himself, using furs and dry grass to secure protection from the cold and the humidity of early autumn. He closed his eyes and entered the breathing, silencing his mind. There he sat out on the She-Bear´s mound for three days and nights, without eating, without drinking, without sleeping.

When she finally appeared before him in the moonlight of the third night, he was not sure if he was dreaming. Hallgrim opened his eyes and knew that he had dreamt indeed. The dreamt image of his little Síf blurred and gave way to the fact of the Mare, who sat cross-legged before him, grinning viciously at him with her sharp-filed teeth.

“Most gracious and holy Freyia,” he whispered hoarsely, mouth dry, “I have come to talk with the Maiden. Is there any way I can come past her guards?”

“Not a chance,” the Mare chuckled, her eyes the mirrors of madness, “Unless you are dead, or dying already, you shall not have council with the Thunderer´s daughter.”

“Then I shall just have to sit here a while longer,” he replied, closing his eyes.

Finally, for those of you who were left with the cliffhanger of the last book, it is out, book four of the Blade Honer series. And this one sports some serious magic!

The fourth book in the BLADE HONER series about the life of the Oseberg priestess covers the last year that our still very young heroine, Thordís, spends in Rusiyah, and the first trials of manhood proposed by the Vessel.

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