Author Maria Kvilhaug – LadyoftheLabyrinth

“To all the gods: One jar of honey! To the Lady of the Labyrinth: One jar of honey!”

Þyl ek Granstrauma Grímnis – “I recite the Lip-streams of the Masked One”

Maria Kvilhaug (1975-) is the author of The Seed of YggdrasillThe Maiden With The Mead and the Blade Honer series, as well as other books, articles and lecture videos on the LadyoftheLabyrinth YouTube Channel and her Facebook Page. Most of her works stem from her academic background in the historical, cultural, linguistic and religious aspects of pre-Christian Scandinavia. A Norwegian born and bred, she writes most of her stuff in English in order to best reach an international audience. In order to earn more from her work so that she may finish book projects and make more videos and audio recordings of her books, she opened a Patreon account on Winter Solstice 2020.


NEW VIDEOS AND PODCASTS INCLUDING AUDIO BOOK READINGS CHAPTER BY CHAPTER AT Support the author and get exclusive content – new videos, podcasts, and also audio readings from my books – beginning with audio recordings of the Blade Honer series, chapter by chapter. Scroll down for more information later. Now a survey of my books:


THE MAIDEN WITH THE MEAD – A GODDESS OF INITIATION IN OLD NORSE MYTHS? (2004) – University Thesis which can be read as PDF for FREE at the University of Oslo´s Online Library! For people who can read Norwegian, I wrote a larger book based on this thesis back in 2005, when I called it “Møya med mjøden” – but publishers claimed it would not sell! I later (2018) self-published this book and still have some copies I might sell to you for 350 NOK (but you will have to pay the postage too…

The Poetic Edda – Six Cosmology Poems, and The Trickster and the Thundergod – Thor and Loki in Old Norse Mythology are currently out of print, but will be re-published! I plan, however, to read and recite from these books at my Patreon page!


Why Patreon?

  • Have you been missing more videos from the Lady of the Labyrinth YouTube page
  • Are you among those who have asked me to make more lecture videos, as I did so much back in 2009-2014? Or more art-based mythology videos
  • Are you among those eagerly waiting for the next Blade Honer book?
  • Are you among those who wish me to publish my books in audio or video?
  • Are you among those who want to see those promised publications about Seidr, about Idunn, and about Initiation Stories, and so on?
  • Would you have liked me to have more livestream lectures?
  • Would you like to see recordings of live lectures/livestream lectures?
  • Do you just like my work in general, such as my website/blog, my Facebook page, and want to see more articles published there? 

If so, you might want to help me out by sponsoring my Patreon page so that I might get the time and energy I need to offer up all that – in great abundance!

Themes I currently plan to cover in series of talks on Patreon:

  • Traditional Norwegian Folksongs – Themes, Origins and Performances
  • Norwegian Folklore Stories
  • Stories of Seid & Magic in the Sagas
  • Norse Mythology Stuff
  • Readings from the Ynglinga saga
  • Skaldskap – Our Oldest Literary Sources to Norse Mythology
  • Readings from my books (fiction and non-fiction) – like Audio Book chapters, beginning with audio recordings chapter by chapter of the whole Blade Honer series – I pledge to publish some chapters every week – the intensity of which, however, depends on how much support and interest I get.

Why Patreon?

For more than twelve years, I have been publishing articles, videos, and livestream lectures, and tried my best to reply to questions, and all of this is really hard work requiring a lot of time and energy – making an hour long lecture/video can take weeks of preparation!

I have happily done all this work without asking anything in return from my readers and listeners, hoping that booksales would support my living. Well. 

For the last few years, booksales have supported about 5% to 20% of my minimum necessity monthly income –  and this in a world where you simply need money to pay your bills and live a normal life – in my case in such an expensive country as Norway is. This means that, after a blissfull era of extreme creative energy, I burned out from the fact that I still had to aquire 95% – 80 % of my income by working hard labor as a healthcare worker. Anyone who works in healthcare knows how much that can dry up your extra resources. 

So this is the simple math: The more patrons I can get to sponsor me by monthly payment, the more can I free up time and energy to create more videos, write more articles, make audio recordings of my books, and finish my book projects! 

And if you do sponsor me, you are the ones who will be seeing my latest videos! 

Sadly, the time of just giving away all that hard work for free is over.  I would have loved to make more videos and lectures free of charge, but I cannot afford it, and then they will not be made at all. It will also take a lot longer for more books to be finished, and fewer articles and research papers.  

If you do sponsor me, you will get access to new videos of various themes and lengths, podcasts, lectures and heads up about new stuff! The more people sponsor me (and the more each are willing to pay), the more videos I pledge to make, including livestream lectures and audio recordings of my books – they will all be made available for those who are willing to help me out here, and you will be the first to be informed about new stuff that may come out. 

I have not made special treatment for those who pay me more – I am sorry, but I really want to be accessible to anyone and I know what it is like to have few resources. However, if you can afford it, be aware that the more income I can get from this, the more will you get back also. I will simply get more time for this work. 

What will I offer my patrons? ‘

I will use Patreon to offer up special treats to those among my readers and listeners who are willing to sponsor me. 

My offering in return will be talks and presentations in the form of videos, perhaps podcasting and even livestream lectures – to donating patrons only. Recordings of livestream lectures will be made available to patrons. The more patrons I get, and the higher their donations, the more time will I be able to spend time making great stuff for my readers and listeners – and to write more books too (even the free stuff). I will not offer extra stuff to higher payers – but those who can and wish to sponsor me more than the minimum may dwell in the bliss of knowing that you are helping me make a living out of this and be able to produce more books and talks.   

I cannot promise a lot of (or any) live chatting. 

PRIMARY PUBLISHER: The Three Little Sisters


2 thoughts on “Author Maria Kvilhaug – LadyoftheLabyrinth

  1. Thanks very much for your research and interpretations of the Old Norse mythic system. Your insights into these characters and stories as both history and a means of understanding the world are truly remarkable.

    Because I’m a great fan of podcasts and wanted to listen to your Youtube series “Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths” while wandering freely rather than being tied to the computer, I turned each episode into an audio file, and formatted them for iTunes.

    I thought you might be interested in having them. Maybe you could publish them officially as a podcast to widen the reach of your ideas, or maybe you’d just like to have them for yourself. Either way, feel free to email me if you want them.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hei! Jeg vet ikke om du leser kommentarer her inne, men jeg prøver. Det gjelder s. 199 i første bok. Thordís forteller at morens betrodde gudinne var Medeiné, skogens sjel. Thióðolf sier at hun er kjent også i nord, under mange andre navn. Jeg lurer på om du hadde noen bestemte navn i tankene? Er det én ting jeg savner i det norrøne pantheon, så er det en guddom for skogen, dyrene, det ville. Hvis det finnes noen kilder som kan korrigere min oppfatning blir jeg veldig glad!


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