Book 1: The Hammer of Greatness

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The Hammer of Greatness by Maria Kvilhaug
“If the edge of a man´s soul needs some honing, then the honing will come – by death or by challenge.”
775 AD: Thorbjörn, the last Thunder Warrior and Thunder priest of an ancient lineage reaching back to the Age of the Great Stone temples in Götaland, has found refuge in the peaceful Baltic River Lands. He knows that he must teach his daughters how to survive and remain free in case of a Viking raid. But little could prepare neither seventeen year old Zivah or seven year old Thordís for the onslaughts of the Viking Rus, pirates and slavers, lawless and barbarian men forced into exile in the East, eager to profit from the civilized peoples´ endless demand for new slaves.
Raided and orphaned, little Thordís embarks on a quest to save her older half sister from rape and slavery, befriending some of the most weird and contrary men there ever were…
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 Maria is an amazing story teller. The author has a special gift to captivate her readers and transport them to another time and place. The imagery of the novel is rich and the words are poetic and captivating. The reader can not stop, and would like to know what happens next. The doors of imagination are opened to an age of the old gods and their enchanting invokers/godars. It seems as if this is her own story from another age. She must have lived it herself. Great Novel!
Awesome book !!!. I am a amateur viking age locally self appointed expert with 48 years under my belt in the field . I have found the ”HAMMER OF GREATNESS” Has expanded my knowledge of the time period , kept my attention thought the real to life people populating the pages. The Author can tell a story and knows her subject . this book is on par with Ken Foyetts [spelling?] ”the pillars of earth” GO for IT!!!
A friend recommend me this book, and this is definitely one the best books I ever read, it has something what make me understand not just myself, it feels like I was living in this times long time ago. I don’t know if I really was or if it is just because this book is perfectly written. I never read a book where you are able to feel all spectrum of emotions in the same time, and that make’s you realize how relative everything is. This book is to me also a treasure chest of deep wisdom. Freyia (Maria) thank you for your wonderful work! I am looking forward for the next book.
A good read! This book can definitely give one a glimpse into what it may have been like back in those days. Maria Kvilhaug has done an excellent job weaving her studies of Scandinavian and European Histories into a historical fiction I don’t want to put down.
“I do not have time to ready many works of fiction these days but when I do I am selective. I was not disappointed with Miss Kvilhaug’s work. I found it both informative and strangely mystical. Clearly the author knows her subject well and was able to use to medium of fiction to convey a wide breadth of knowledge not only of Germanic pre-xtian culture but that of the closely related Baltic and Slavic peoples, being fellow Indo-Europeans. I particularly enjoyed her comparison of the Germanic Thor with His Balto-Slavo counterpart Perkons/Peron as I am a devotee of Thunaraz myself. There is an extremely useful glossary of names of peoples, divinities and places with accompanying maps. A man could not have written this book. It needed the sensitivity of a woman. Don’t buy this book if you are expecting mere juvenile swordplay. This is far deeper than that. I look forward to purchasing and reading Book Two.”
“This historical novel is an excellent and easy read. I’d give The Hammer of Greatness five stars for the plot and the historical setting. It’s a work which sets itself a high literary standard in many ways yet it’s an excellent page turner with a refreshingly unbiased attitude to the life and beliefs of the time. It’s just a pity that the English does not appear to have been checked by a mother-tongue speaker and some of it is simply not up to literary standards, for example the frequent use of the Ernie Wise style, “what” as in “a play what I wrote”. I’m sure those things can be put right in revisions though and meanwhile they are well-worth living with. I couldn’t put this down until I’d read it and I’d recommend it to anyone, especially those with an interests in the Viking period.”
“In common with fellow dyslexics I share a passion with books and have an extensive library that is either unread or only partly read. In fact, as do many, I have only ever read two books completely; Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome and The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Now there are three!”
“I have always been a big fan of historical novels since reading Flashman a long long time ago. Blade Honer, Hammer of Greatness, first in the trilogy, does not disappoint. Set in the time of the Viking Rus, it is the tale of the Thordis, natural blade honor and last in the line of the Thunder Priestesses.
Maria Kvilhaug (author of the Seed of Yggdrasill) skilfully weaves her knowledge of Old Norse custom with an exciting page turner. At times my blood was roaring, probably why I found myself outside in the recent thunderstorm arms upraised, calling to Thor (and yes, he answered).
So what is a blade honer? “If the edge of a man’s soul needs some honing, then the honing will come, by Death or by Challenge.” I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.”
“Really enjoyed this book. The characters draw you in and you find yourself concerned for them. The plot pulls you along as it becomes a real page turner.”
“Excellent read. A good story with great detail. I have read a lot of Norse books and this is one of the best. Looking forward to the next book.”

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